Abstract Sunday

Those winter Sundays that frogs and ducks are happily pitter-pattering,I wear warm pullovers,two pairs of socks,I make several cups of coffee which I accompany with several chocolate cake bites,I look for a new cover picture for Facebook, my little dragon starts checking the caricatures in New Yorker(while my-fearful of thunders-opossum is hiding behind him)and I get dragged into an article without realizing. But while doing all the above I love have my ears listening to a nice interview or to a storyreading. Today was the interview that Maurice Sendak gave to Terry Gross. I play it over again and again.It … Continue reading Abstract Sunday

Light my fire

He was always with a Gauloise in the hand or dangling from the corner of his mouth. He even named his cat Cigarette. He was born in Algeria  and  he left for Paris only on 1940 when the newspaper he was working ceased publication. He was an enthusiastic goalkeeper until tuberculosis forced him to quit playing at age 17. Later he picked up table-tennis. However he said that everything he knows about morality and the obligations of men “I owe to football”. He won a nobel prize and his book” L’Etranger” has sold more copies than the French edition of … Continue reading Light my fire