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Abstract Sunday

Those winter Sundays that frogs and ducks are happily pitter-pattering,I wear warm pullovers,two pairs of socks,I make several cups of coffee which I accompany with several chocolate cake bites,I look for a new cover picture for Facebook, my little dragon starts checking the caricatures in New Yorker(while my-fearful of thunders-opossum is hiding behind him)and I get dragged into an article without realizing.


But while doing all the above I love have my ears listening to a nice interview or to a storyreading.

Today was the interview that Maurice Sendak gave to Terry Gross. I play it over again and again.It was like listening to two old friends staring out of the window,the rain falling,drinking strong tea,eating cookies and discussing.

Cristoph Niemann a graphic designer and illustrator who seems to like driving and listening to radio on frantic Saturdays he heard Maurice Sendak’s interview and on a Sunday he had the brilliant idea to illustrate a part of the interview.

Happiness is like Rain.

And  suddenly after days of eternal sunshine the clouds made an extra effort, they made a big fouuuuuuu and managed to throw the sun away from their territory(is winter  remember?what a super flashy sun is doing here?e?).

Then triumphically they open the cellar with the best raindrops.

So here I am now drinking drinking hot cacao from Oaxaxa


and being nostalgic for a fairytale I saw few years ago staged from Cirque Eloize and called “Rain”.