Shadows in Greece

Few days ago in  the Athens Photo Festival, I discovered  through a serie of photos called “Shadows in Greece”,the Albanian photographer Enri Canaj. Enri Canaj moved with his parents  in Greece in 1991 and has been living there since then. His serie about Athens remind me scenes of the movie of Matthieu Kassovitz ”La Haine”. Only in Canaj’s pictures there was no hate but desperation. Canaj doesn’t make snapshots. I have seen before pictures of homeless, junkies, people in the edge. Pictures that they were well-framed, had the right color balance but the photographer was just a person who was … Continue reading Shadows in Greece


Today is full-pink-moon. But no, if you glance up to the sky tonight although you will see a full moon ,it wont be pink. The name is part of a naming tradition that Native American tribes were using for full moons during different times of the year. April’s moon is called pink because of the plant wild ground phlox which starts blossoming around this time.Native Americans connected this with the begin of Spring. But even if April’s moon doesn’t look pink, if you are around Europe, Africa or Asia then you are lucky. Because today it takes place the first, … Continue reading PRIVATE MOON