While traveling in Mexico I was reading “The Death of Artemio Cruz” of Carlos Fuentes.

There is a moment that Artemio Cruz is trapped in a cave from the men of Villa and he doesn’t know from where he can get out and escape. And then suddenly the smell of tamarind fulfill his mouth.

« Sintio la boca llena de tamarindos :acaso el recuerdo involuntario de una fruta que aun en la memoria agita las glandulas salivales,quiza el mensajero exacto de un olor desprendido de una huerta lejan y que acarreado por el aire immovil del desiero,habria llegado hasta el estrecho pasaje. »

Cruz managed to escape but me after reading this phrase I was followed for days from a strong wish of seeing how the tamarindo looks like. I had tried agua de tamarindo so the sour-sweet taste came to my mouth when I read the passage. But I wanted to see how it looks like when they sell it in the market.

And one day next to the spices the sour-sweet taste wrapped  again as  a snake around my mouth. There it was: tamarindo.



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