Mexico Nights

In the main sqaure of Merida they have closed one part of the street and a dance marathon is announced from 6-9.
When we arrive there,around 8,I expect to see mostly young couples dancing.
In contrary,while the happy tunes of the orchestra drifted through the night sky they were couples with hair as white as an horchata who were  dancing.
 Many people dancing and many others sitting around in plastic chairs watching them.
In all the faces a soft smile,a slow hapiness.I watch their faces and i feel emotionated.It is as if they dance under their memories.The moment they first met each other,their first kiss,this night after the cinema,their first dance, their first fight,their laughs,their worries,their growing up,she choosing a new guayabera for him,he bringing icecream back to the house on a hot day.They dance and remember.

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