Maurice Sendak didn’t have or wanted to have kids and he hated birthdays. Yet he wrote and illustrated some of the most wonderful and terrifying books for children (and not only).

Today Google celebrates what will have been his 85th birthday with a doodle ending at party with Max(from “where the wild things are”)his monster friends and Sendak’s heroes from “in the night kitchen” and “Bumble Ardy” all of them happy around a cake.

In  the books of Maurice Sendak parents die, kids refuse to turn ten(You’ve had your party! But never again!”/ “I promise! I swear! I won’t ever turn ten!”),heroes and heroines in general are not well behaved and no there is no moralistic message in the end of his stories. Because Sendak was believing that to kids you can tell anything you want. “Just tell them if it’s true. If it’s true you tell them.”

(Pat’s Bagley tribute to Maurice Sendak)

At the same time Sendak was illustrating his books.

Some times getting inspired by his relatives. He once said about his book Where the Wild Things Are: “At first the book was to be called Where the Wild Horses Are, but when it became apparent to my editor I could not draw horses, she kindly changed the title to ‘Wild Things,’ with the idea that I could at the very least draw ‘a thing’!

“So I drew my relatives. They’re all dead now, so I can tell people.”

In 2009 made into a film by Spike Jonze which very much pleased Sendak. After having seen the film he said “I’ve never seen a movie that looked or felt like this”

Me after the film,I wished I had the pyjamas of Max.


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