If the earth was a single state, Istanbul would be its capital,Napoleon Bonaparte said.

Istanbul is one of the Big Cities. And I don’t refer to size. But to this ability that few cities have not to just give you happy moments  but to totally seduce you , to enchant you, to make you always wish to go back to them.

If Odysseus had passed from Istanbul I guess he will have never arrived to Ithaca.

Because the song of Istanbul is hundred times more mesmerizing that the one of the Sirens.

Today, the current Turkish government seems to try to make this city look like Dubai.

Part of this process of dubaization included the destruction of Gezi park in Taksim square in order to construct a shopping mall.

But people reacted. And it is 4days now despite the amounts of tear gas that police throws them that they keep resisting and staying in the park. And even if police becomes more brutal more people keep coming in Gezi Park.

However,Turkish media keep silent about the events.

Support the people of Gezi Park by spreading out what is going on there.

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