I got for my birthday a red, playful type machine.

It is an Olivetti and I got delighted, although not having a clear idea of what use it for.
I mean type machines are for typing. But what can I type?  The supermarket list?

The one who gave it to me said “Type machines make beautiful poems”.

Write a poem, he added. As if he was saying “make a tea, ride your bike, pick some poppies”.

I like poems; but for me they are mysterious, magic creatures that I don’t know how to make them appear.

However, I want to see how a poem will look appearing slowly while I tap noisily the letters.

And maybe as there are couches who make enjoyable readings, jars who make delicious marmalades and pillows that make beautiful dreams, there are indeed red Olivettis that make beautiful poems.

I will give a try!


(painting: Kazimir Malevich)


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