N for Nabokov

Vladimir Nabokov,was born 114 years ago today.

And most probably he is still playing scrabble with Ada&Van (Ada or Ardor) somewhere in Antiterra and chasing butterflies.


And although Lolita (adapted to film by Kubrick on 1962) is his most famous book, the one I adore is Ada or Ardor.

Ada or Ardor is more than reading a book. It likes making a puzzle where the image constantly changes , like playing a scramble game where you can create and use nonexistent words, like trying to  solve a mystery case(who stole the blue butterfly?),like a fairy tale. And as Nabokov declared ”Great novels are great fairy tales” .

But Nabokov was not only a writer. As a young man he was an eager boxer, an excellent tennis  and chess player, a poet (I see a radiant cloud, I see a rooftop glisten/like a mirror, far away…I listen/to breathing shade, light’s stillicide…) and most of all a passionate  lepidopterist.

Nabokov collected and studied butterflies and he developed ways of classifying them, based on differences in their genital. The genus of butterflies Nabokovia is named in his honor.

(via the Nabokov Museum)
(photo via http://www.nabokovmuseum.org/drawings1.html)



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