Are you a Hero,a Goddess or an Artist?

The Oxford Classical Dictionary,with almost 2000 pages,weights more or less as much as one menhir of Obelix.

And although Obelix is probably not included in the Dictionary, Julius Caesar(“these Romans are crazy”) and many other major figures of Greece and Rome are there.

Do you want to discover which hero,goddess or famous artist  of Ancient Greece or Rome you are,

take the test that Oxford Classical Dictionary made to celebrate its 4th edition.


I took the test for both male and female character.

And although I knew about Orpheus;his capacities to charm by playing his lyre and his sad love story with Eurydice I had no idea about my female character: Dido.
According to Virgil,Dido was the founder and queen of  Carthage(where Tunisia is today). When the Trojan prince Aeneas together with other Trojans,who managed to escaped from the burning city of Troy,found themselves shipwrecked in Carthage,Dido received them with hospitality and took care of them.

Not so long afterwards,Dido falls in love with Aeneas and for a while they live happily
as Queen and King.Until Aeneas decides to leave Carthage and Dido in order to continue his journey to Italy.

Driven mad by her unreturned passion “Dido caught/her fatal madness and resolved to die” .

This is how Rubens imagined the Death of Dido



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