So we sailed on to the sun

Sun arrived(finally!)but it seems that I got so eager to wear a tshirt that a malicious flu caught me.By the neck.

So I took my yellow submarine,fulfilled it with green tea and dipped it several times in hot water.


In case you also like tea, Beatles or just submarines you can order one here:

Now,in case you like all the above and it happens that you are passing by a city called Almaty then take a teleferik to Kok Tobe mountain.There you will find something interesting in an otherwise boring city,a bronze sculpture of Beatles.Made by Edward Ghazaryan.

An Armenian man of many  talents and phenomenal powers. Ghazaryan is not only the founder of micro miniaturist art but at the same time a sculptor, a painter and a gifted caricaturist. And if that wasn’t already enough for one to fulfill 3 or more lives he was also a talented violinist master and innovator. Viola-Pompoza is an instrument created by J.S Bach and as it was almost impossible to play on it stayed” silent” for 270years. Ghazaryan eliminated the errors of the master of Viola in the times of Bach and returned the instrument again to life.

Meanwhile he created a violin so small that even ants could play with it. It is 7-millemeter small and the smallest in the world.

Not a surprise that this man was awarded the “Living Legend” Gold Metal  award by the International Biographical Center of Cambridge.



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